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Think I fried my memory controller...

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OK, I think the memory controller on my CPU died, but I am looking for confirmation to make sure I didnt miss anything.


Symptoms: Been running F@H for the last week or so, went to fire up some BF2, and during the map load, BF2 crashed and the PC locked immediately after. Tried to reboot, got a long repeating 1s beep, with 3 LEDs on the board (indicating RAM).


Troubleshooting steps: Removed all except one stick, reset CMOS, and tried to boot from the first orange slot. Tried a different stick, same slot. Moved stick to farthest yellow slot. Got same long beep and 3 LEDs each time. Reset CMOS between each step.


I am going to put it into an 20 hour CMOS reset, see if I get lucky at all.


My CPU was running 11x250, as high as 1.54v, but lately down to 1.51v.


Anything else I should try? How is AMD with RMAs?

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