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2x WD2500KS SATA 2 - weird temperature output

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I replaced 2 of my 'old' SeaGate SATA1 HDs with 2x Western Digital WD2500KS SATA2.

After I installed and tested everything, HDs run fine and smooth, I checked the temperatures via MotherboardMonitor and noticed some weird temperatures:

1. WD2500KS 57 Grad Celsius

2. WD2500KS 46 Grad Celsius

3. ST320082 36 Grad Celsius

4. ST320082 35 Grad Celsius


SMART-Data of the 'hot' (Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic):


AirflowTemp (BE):

Value: 41

Treshold: 45

Worst: 26

HDA-Temp (C2):

Value: 95

Treshold: 0

Worst: 76


MotherBoardMonitor: 57 Grad Celsius


Lavalyst Everest 2006:


Grenzwert: 45

Wert: 41

Schlechtester Wert 26

Daten: 57

Beratung: Verwendungs- oder Zeitlimit ueberschritten (Altersbedingt und/oder Abnutzung).


I did check all Hds-temperatures by hand, 4 sure there was no >50 Grad Celsius, on none of them, I d like to say all the same temp ~36, simular to the Seagate HD-temps.

11 Grad Celsius difference between the 2 new HDs are really weird tho those 2 temp-data arent correct, 20 Grad above the 'real' temp is just crazy ...


I jumpered them down to SATA1 for testing, no difference, just Burst speed went down from 129,5 to 111,6.


Dunno what to do, Hds run fine so far but i am a lil worried bout that suspect temperature output ... :x

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I did swap em, different positions, with an extra fan in front of em etc ... 0 improvement.


"Looks like you might have a faulty temp diode."


I d like to say TWO faulty diodes, both temp outputs r incorrect, really weird is that there s mostly a difference of 11 Grad between those 2 WD, still both to high ..

Maybe the multiplikator to calculate the temp used by the HD-diode is not correct, maybe there s a problem NF4 <-> WD SATA2, maybe NF4 <-> SMART <-> WD SATA2 or something, dunno.


Am unsure what to do, trying to ignore that output or sending em back/to WD ... :confused:

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