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Can't get board to run memory at dual channel

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I have tried to put my memory in the orange channels and the system would not boot. I put the memory in the yellow channels and the system booted. After checking the recomendations from nvida tune, it still said that my memory bus speed was only 64bit. How do I get the system it recognize the dual channel and run at the 128 bit bus? I have not flashed my bios. I just built the system last week and I'm runing the bios shipped with the board. Anyone have any thoughts.

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I would boot with one stick in the orange slot furthest from the CPU.


I would then flash to the latest "official bios". I believe it is 623-3.


My Corsair wouldn't pass memtest till I upped the voltage to 2.8.


Alternatively, you could flash to the bios in my sig and check the "Stock Speed Settings" thread for RAM timings and configurations.


Good luck.


First thing I would do is up the voltage to 2.8 and take it from there.

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