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How important is fast memory if ur not benching? (some buying advice)

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Guest geronimo



After experiencing serious probs with the ddr500 corsairs i bought i was thinking if i really need that fast memory.


I don't do much benching and stuff so 35s vs 33s doesn't really matter to me.


I'm currently running this


DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR Bios 6/23/05

AMD Opteron 144 @9x300

Thermaltake Big Typhoon

4x Twinmos pc3200 @228mhz

Sapphire Radeon X1300 256mb PCI-E x16

WD Raptor 74gb


Fortron Source Epsilon 600W, Blue Light

Antec P180

Windows XP Proff Sp2


I'm going to uppgrade to 4gb. I mainly use the computer for photoshop and image editing. Some gaming but not much


What would be the best for me to get 4x1gb twinmos (pretty cheap ones)


Or go for OCZ EL Dual Channel Platinum 2x1024Mb or Gskill PC4000 2x1024MB


Will there be any diffrence in perfomance in windows? Or will i just see it when i do benchmarks?

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If you dont care about benchies, just get you a set of decent PC3200 2x1 gig modules. Use a divider to achieve your OC....and you should see a nice improvement in games and all around most apps. :) oops, i just saw youy want 4 gigs....just get a good namebrand with a lifetime warranty....timimngs wont matter for you.

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fast memory is good for overclocking...but speeds can be deceptive (i've got some 3200 TCCD that clocks much higher than some 4400 TCCD...!)


generally on 2x1024MB modules I only go for PC4000 as it will always get up to DDR500 (as will my cpu's though each person might have different results)

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