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USB key booting - help!

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OK, first off, I don't really have an USB key, but a memory stick with a sandisk USB adapter. It works in both windows and linux just like a regular USB key though, so I guess booting should be possible as well. I've read about others doing this too.


Now, onto the question(s).

Is there any differences between BIOS versions when it comes to USB booting, or possibly some setting that I've got wrong?

I'm using 6/15, which has been working flawlessly for a few months now.


The problem is simply that I can't boot off it - it doesn't turn up in the boot order menu in the BIOS.


Is there anything I can do about this?


Edit: It kinda works in my Asus A7V, the adapter on-light is lit and it does try to boot from it, neither of those things happen on my nF4 board.


Update: Flashing the BIOS did it! I'm on 510-2FIX now I believe.

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