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Windows XP freeze up during boot

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Hello guys !


I just got my new DFI motherboard today, so I guess I'm a newbie to these forums and DFI boards in general. My old MSI K8 Neo2 Platinum board died a couple of days ago (don't ask me why, done all kinds of tests but it's just dead). So I replaced both the PSU and the motherboard today (got a new OCZ Modstream 520W psu).


Anyways, I haven't installed anything new on the board (running nForce 5.11, Windows XP SP1, directX 9.0c). Basically 100% the same setup as on the MSI rig - not running any MSI related programs as they are all uninstalled (bios updates, etc.). I read that there were issues when using SATA 1 & 2, so I'm currently only using SATA 3 & 4 on the DFI board.


First time I booted up I used Windows XP just as before, I had it running for about 30 - 45 minutes before it freezed (total lock up - no bluescreen). After that it now freezes on the "Windows XP" logo startupscreen. After about 15 - 20 resets I've only made it into Windows XP 2 times, and it only lasted 2 - 5 minutes before a total freeze. I get no error report at all from the system when I get in.

I'm able to enter i safemode (I'm prompted for it after a freeze) without any freeze it seems (didn't stick around longer them max 5 minutes, but had no problems).


Temperatures are no problems. CPU is doing a mere 37 degrees celcius, GPU is at around 45.


I currently run only SP1 because SP2 seriously screwed up my old system. This was related to the 1st edition of my MSI K8 Neo2 board (for all I know, SP2 runs smoothly on this new DFI board .... ).


Basically what I'm wondering about is this;


- Does anyone know what might be wrong and the reason for the freezes in XP ? :confused:


Do you recomend that I do a total re-install of the entire system ?

If yes, should I go SP1 or SP2 (win XP) ? nForce 5.10 or 5.11 ? Anything else I should consider ? Is there pherhaps a bios that works better with my CPU and current setup ?


I haven't currently done any overclocking or bios flash at all on the system (just got it "up and running"), gonna get back to that later on when I learn the different features of the bios (OC is not my strongest side, might have to ask abit for help here as I go along! :rolleyes: ).


Thanks for your time and thanks for having me !


Best regards,


Sam in Oslo, Norway

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I had some problems like this with nForce 5.11 a while back, but before you start looking into that I would check some basic things first with this board.


- Check the tweeks sticky here, as there are more than a few quirks with this board.


- Check the volts on your vdimm, it overvolts.

- Use the tables to select your initial VCORE. It undervolts at stock, and overvolts if you are using the voltage adjust in 711 bios. This has cause lots of folks grief when starting their build. I recently had this (again, swapped in a new proc) and forgot about it and it just sat their rebooting over and over again. Arrgggggg!

- You might want to consider posting your volts, and ram settings so we can have a look at them.



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Thanks for your reply !


Here are my current volts as displayed in the bios;


CPU voltage; 1.52V

Chip voltage; 1.68V

Memory voltage; 2.90/2.91/2.93V

AGP voltage; 1.54/1.55V

VCC3 voltage; 3.35V

+5V voltage; 5.17V

+12 voltage; 11.91V

5V standby voltage; 5.19V

Voltage battery; 3.06V


(on of these is the "vdimm" yes ?)


DRAM configuration is set to 2T, the rest is all on "auto". Fast Write and Cool & Quiet are both disabled.

I'll check out the sticky you mentioned !


How and where in the bios do I select my "initial VCORE" ? (sorry, but I'm fairly new to the world of OC'ing :O ).

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Guest Dynamic

You need to go through the procedures on how to setup your board/cpu/ram so it's stable before you start installing your OS. There are sticky's all over the forum that you should start reading before attempting these problems. You can run MEMTEST86 from the bios (not sure where cause i don't have the board yet hehe) to check your memory for stability and keep everything at default specs for the initial OS installation.

If i were you i would installed a CPU/one Stick of memory on the furthest orange slot/video card and one hard drive to get things started. It tells you all this stuff in the sticky's. GL!

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VCORE is basically the CPU voltage. 1.52v is approximately where I have been starting from. You may be able to run this lower than this with your FX-53. If you can great!

Your memory voltage is the same as vdimm. I ran across this at corsair, and I would suggest you start with 2.7v memory voltage. Remember this board overvolts memory voltage a tad, so start with 2.6-2.7v. Some memory will handle overvolt and achive higher memory overclock, some don't it just depends on the type of memory you have. Start with stock and then go from there.


Also that's good advice from Dynamic, starting with a simple basic configuration and getting it stable and then building from that will yield results.




CPU voltage adjust is in the "Genie BIOS" section.

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