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No Video?? What's up?

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See my sig for my pc.


Everything is currently at stock speeds/voltages.


I turned my pc off this morning. When I went to turn it back on, there was no response from the power button.


I opened the case, and moved the CMOS reset jumper to reset. Then I put everything back and tried again, still no response.


I do see a little amber light flashing by the memory sticks. So, I take a stick out and the amber light stops flashing and just turns on... okay.


So now, I press the power switch on the front of the case and the power to the pc turns on, all fans are running, and harddrive is running, but there is no video going to my monitor?? I check the video card. The fan is running, all cables are plugged in. I reseated it and I even tried changing to pcie out #2... still no video.


Also, once I have the power going and the computer seems like it should be running, the power and reset switches on the front of the case as well as the buttons on the motherboard don't respond. Ihave to shut down power at the main switch on the back of the unit.


There are 4 red lights lit up on the bottom of the motherboard. I'm going to download the manual to tryto find out what they mean... anyinsight into this would be appreciated.


Thanks all.

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