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Right i have read the build thread and im not new to building a system.


i have also read all the crap and hearsay about the expert board blowing cpu's.


i dont believe them in that dfi would have recalled the boards if there was an issue. what i cant find and what id like to know is the following:


1. is there a bad bios and if so which one should i use


2. is there away to upload the bios prior to the first boot with the cpu installed


3. is there a way to see if the board powers without ram cpu and gpu without risking any damage to anything in my system


4. is there anything else specific to the expert i need to know beofre the first power up?


cheers guys

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1. Use the 12/07 BIOS

2. Do not be afraid of the board frying your CPU, as long as you know what you are doing there will not be any issues.

3. see the answer for #2

4. on first power up you will most likely need to adjust your ram timings, make sure your ram is stable before you install the OS. I have used 3 different sets of ram on this board, and I have found dram strength to be very important for stability.

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well its my first dfi board and my first overclock the only time ive done anything like oc wa on my nf7 which invloved fsb and multiplier only.


what setting will i have to change any chance u could list them not the setting itself but the option i will need to change

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the following are the settings that you might want to set at first to get your ram stable. Of course what you set it to is not going to be the same as someone else. good luck


DRAM Configuration








And you might need to change


DRAM Drive Strength

DRAM DATA Drive Strength


Might be a few other things that would need changed as well, but this should be a pretty good starting point. Also you may need to adjust the voltage for your ram as well.

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i have a similar setup to you guys


but i was unable to use the 12/7 bios. It wouldn't boot into windows after. With the 11/2 bios i had to have the ram in slots 2 and 4, and with the 12/7 bios, i had to move it to slots 1 and 3, but even in slots 1 and 3, i was unable to get the computer into windows, it would just freeze when it suppose to load windows.

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