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Memory 2x Kingston 512MB DUAL - KVR400X64C3A

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I'am brazilian,,, and my English is not good.


I recently bought a computer with the configuration that is in the signature.


The BIOS finds the memory correctly, showing that 1GB of memory was found. The problem is that when installing the Windows, the conputador crash. Then, when passing verifying of memory of the proper BIOS,, it indicates that the memory is damaged, but is not, because already I tested it in several other computers.


The memories had been installed in slots oranges, 2 and 4.


It follows what it is written in the memories:


Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512

512MB PC3200 CL3 184 - Pin DIMM



In chips:

Kingston 905337.11

D3208D16CT5AT 0540PT03


PS: The configurations of my motherboard are default. I did not move any jumper.



Somebody helps me!

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