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2640MHZ Good OC?

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I got my 3200+ Winchester up to 2640MHZ 8 hours prime with 1.65v.

How does this compere to other 3200+ winnes?


edit: Temps

CPU 27C idle 38C load (Termaltake BigTyphoon)

PVM 42C idle 47C load (two 120mm Antec case fans)

NB 45C idle 49C load (passive cooling)

idle temps are from fresh boot into BIOS and load temps are 8 hours into a 24 hour Prime using MBM 5.

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Compared to my venice so far, it's spanking me as I cant get mine past 2400. I know it's got 2600 in her, but I still have to find out what voltages it wants to get there. Right now, my ram is limiting me to 220 with a 9/10 divider and an htt of 240x10. Most I have had to it for volts has been 1.55. I am going to try 1.65 and 250, then 260 which should keep me happy for a while.

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