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nVidia Lan

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Hello, I recently disabled my nVidia Lan in the network settings and now it won't show up in the folder. I run windows xp Pro. I installed the drivers once, and I've been looking for them to install a 2nd time see if that will fix my problem, but as of yet I have been unable to relocate the drivers.

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Download Nvidia Platform drivers 6.66 or 6.70 from Nvidia's website.


Right click on My Computer


properties/hardware/device manager/


Expand Network Adapters key


Uninstall Nvidia LAN


Reboot computer


Windows will notify you that new hardware is detected. Cancel Windows attempt to load drivers.


Run the Nvidia platform driver pack you downloaded in step one.


All will be well.


Alternately, you can run the Nvidia Platform driver pack that is on your DFI installation CD, but no telling what revision level drivers is on your particular CD.

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Goto start - control panel - network and internet connections - network connections...


If the Nvidia lan is NOT disabled in BIOS it will be here next to 1394 and Marvel Lan..


Right click the Nvidia LAN and hit enable...


If it isnt even listed here pop into bios and make sure it is enabled....


Good luck

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