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Temps all over the place!!

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I've been overclocking my rig and have been using Ntune monitor and Smart Guardian to keep an eye on temps but when idle, it shows a ridiculously low 21 or 22 degrees celscius and once I start Super PI or Prime 95, it jumps to 45 and fluctuates dramatically between 40 and 50 during the whole test.


As soon as the test is finished, I restart straight away and go into BIOS to look at the PC Health screen and it says 36 degrees celscius. Which one is trustworthy and/or how do I fix the problem?


Thanks :tooth:

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In the BIOS the CPU has more featurers enabled so the idle BIOS temp will be higher than the IDLE windows temp.


With the new CPUs the CPU temp is detected directly from the CPU core sensor.

Therefore as soon as there is activity it does jump up quite quickly/go back down.


If you could measure it using an external problem things would be different.


So it is all ok.


Whaty CPU cooler do you have?

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