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Question about voltage for venice

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Ok I have two questions actually.


First: (main question)

I have a socket 939 athlon 64 3000+ venice that i have overclocked to 2.61ghz with 1.55v with a new bios i got for my motherboard(dfi ut nf4 ultra-d) i can now goto 2.7++ghz higher but it requires 1.64v(with my old bios I couldnt get it stable at any using 1.64v at 2.7ghz) my question is- is 1.64v to high for my 3000+ venice? currently at 2.61ghz with 1.55v iam stable but defently would like to go higher and my temps currently are 28c IDLE...40c LOAD with 1.55vcore. Iam also not on stock cooling iam using a "pc cooler copper heatsink"...yes thats the name of it, its exactly like the zalmon CU one with all the copper and solid fins but I think whoever made mine got in trouble because everything about them and their products were pulled off the internet.



I also have a evga 7800 GT which i would like to overclock, Im not exactly sure if I should use coolbits2 reg hack or rivatuner. and not sure if its ready to overclock, its using the stock cooler with stock thermal paste(i thought about putting my own artic sliver on..should I??). Its temps are 44c IDLE...67c LOAD

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