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WoW Hardlocking my Comp

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My hardlocking issue is a bit different though and has started since 3-4 patches ago. First off let me start off with my specs:




AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2GHz San Diego Core w/ heatsink/fan

Western Digital Caviar SE WD1200JD 120GB Serial ATA


OCZ Gold Series 1GB

Asus Extreme AX800XL/2DTV Radeon X800XL PCI Express

Windows XP Professional /w SP2

X-Blade Deluxe PC Gaming Pre-Mod ATX Medium Tower Case 3 Fans



As you can see, my system faced the minimum requirements of this game and I've never had this problem until I'd say 3-4 patches ago. My main part about this game is PvPing and right now I've had it up to here....before it used to freeze up maybe when I'm flying to places just randomly, sometimes it doesn't happen sometimes it does...but it never froze during BG's. So I was able to ignore it and didnt make a huge deal out of it....Now ever since the new patch my computer has been hardlocking during my BG's and it is seriously getting annoying.


I have done pretty much everything there is to do, disabled sound completely and used the -nosound option, updated everything in windows, video drivers, sound drivers, etc...including the bios. I've done a memory test and let it run, no errors found.


I have updated antivirus, and updated spyware programs to keep my computer safe, do it about every week. I defragment my harddrive on a daily basis as well...nothing I do can help me figure out what the hell is causing this problem.


What will happen is when it does freeze the video completely freezes, and I am able to move my mouse but I won't be able to alt-tab, or ctrl-alt-del..none of that usually forcing me to shutdown the computer using the power button.


My dxdiag can be located here



Thread I posted in wow forums with other users experiencing smiliar issue:


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Guest Vicious

I had the same issue and it was because my Video Card was overheating, the fan was placed on right and I wasn't cooling it enough. Switched it out and now I have no problems.

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disable all UI mods

then try to play if problem continues. now you at least know its definately a hardware problem

and if you use any loaders to run program, disable UI and run WoW.exe from your WOW folder

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Your vid card drivers are out of date. Use the catalyst uninstaller to remove all the drivers.


Then install catalyst 5.13 drivers.


And also I don't know what this means exactly but sounds suspicious.

"The file system.dll is missing! You should reinstall DirectX to get the latest version."


You might want to install this:


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