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Blank screen on Boot

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Here's the problem: My PC messed up recently so I put the hard drive in a mates PC and formatted it. After putting the hard drive back in my PC when I switch the PC on there is no signal to the monitor. Everything powers up, fans spin, WC works. But no signal to the monitor. Also the power LED on the front of the PC is blinking. And three red diagnostic LED's light up on the bottom left of the board. Also the DRAM power LED is lit.


I have reset the CMOS which didn't seem to do much, although it's hard to tell when I can't see anything on the screen. I know that the monitor is working. I'm pretty certain everything was working before I took the HD out.


I'm stuck for ideas on what to do. Hope you can help.

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Ok, I've tried a few things:


1) Did a 60 second CMOS clear.

2) Did a 1 hour CMOS clear.

3) Did a 12 hour CMOS clear following the instructions of http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 this link

4) Tried a minimal hardware boot.

5) Put my graphics card in a mates PC to see if it would boot.

6) Put my mates graphics card in my PC to see if it would boot.


The CMOS clears didn't resolve the issue.


When I did the minimal hardware boot the diagnostic LED's gradually went down to just one LED lit but there was still no visual on screen and it wasn't getting any further. So I reset the PC and it went back to 3 LED's lit even tho I hadn't made any alterations.


When I put my graphics card in a mates PC his PC had no signal to the monitor.


When I put my mates graphics card in my PC my PC still didn't have a signal to the monitor.


I've had my PC for a while and it's generally been stable so I know that the Power supply supplies adequate power and all the hardware is compatible.


My guess is the graphics card is busted. It was graphics problems that caused me to format my HD in the first place and it didn't work in a friedns PC. Maybe I should test it on other PC's too.


My second guess is that the mobo is busted.


Any help or suggestions are hugely appreciated. I've yet to have any help on this and I'm not all that clued up so if you have any suggestions it'd be great. I feel at loss without my computer and it will only be a matter of hours before I am reduced to a gibbering wreck, wrought with malice and other fancy words which I don't know the meaning of. So yeah, er ..... help me!!! :shake:

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Thanks for the reply. I've got a couple of friends with 939 boards to test the graphics card in. One other thing I've just remembered is the first time I put the hard drive back in my PC it booted with a monitor display. It was saying NTLDR missing so I reset it a few times and then the monitor display stopped working. I later realised what NTLDR thingy meant and I think I sorted that. I then formatted my Hard drive again cos it screwed up a bit the first time and when I put it back in my PC it showed a monitor display again the first time and then er ..... wouldn't boot ..... or something. Can't really remember now. But basically it showed a monitor display a few times immediately after formatting my Hard drive. Kinda random.

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