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sound going out when overclocking

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even the crappy ones will boot at 200x10...


I have the AQYHA stepping which is the bad stepping so to speak..... I would say try the reflash according to the "how to properly flash your bios" thread and then re-try...


I would set it at 200x10 with 1.65vcore....


Do you know what the numbers on the cpu are.... I even have 2 different 2600 mobiles....the FQQ4C(1.45vcore) and the FKT4C (1.65vcore) and they both boot 200x10 at the boards default vcore (1.55vcore)




I would load "optimized defaults" clear the cmos.... leave every thing on "Auto" set AGP to 66....cpu to 10...fsb to 200 and try it...should be a go...


EDIT: on a side note...you do have the 4-pin power hooked up next to the cpu right...?

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ok guys, I've tried quite a few things and I am still not able to boot at 200 x 10.


First I tried to rule out the ram. So I attempted to boot with 1 stick in the dimm closest to the cpu, no change. Next I tried the ram in the dimm furthest from the cpu, no change. Then I used a different piece of pc3200 from another computer I have and put it in the dimm closest to the cpu, no change. So I think I can rule out that the ram is causing the problem.


I then reflashed the bios to 7/28/04, loaded optimized defaults, set all ram timings, voltages, and clocked the cpu at 185 x 13. This booted and seems to be rock solid. I installed 4 new panaflo case fans and a microcool southsink and that combination is keeping my case, cpu, and board extremely cool (CPU 35C (idle) 38C (load), Case 26C, CPU Diode 25C). So I think my heat issues are resolved.


I then decided to try some of the modded bios' out there. I flashed to the following bios' :


Hellfire's 3EG-Rev3 (Lanparty B)

Hellfire's 6/19 Turbo (Lanparty B)


and neither of them allowed me to boot in at 200 x 10.


So I have to conclude that the mobile I got is just from a bad batch. For some reason it just won't handle 200 fsb. I am glad that I can now boot in at 185 x 13 which gives me a decent overclock (2400mhz), but it still doesnt let me utilize my ram's full speed since its better to run at 1:1 cpu to ram fsb.


I looked at the L12 mod a bit and some said it gave them the abililty to boot in at 200 fsb, but then I also read that some bios' enabled this via software. Does anyone know of any bios' that would do this?


Thanks for all of your help guys.

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If that OCZ RAM you have has TCCD/5 type chips on it then you might want to use the 7.28.4

based BIOSes a bit more and see how they would do for you.


What timings and voltages are you using and/or have you tried with your RAM so far?

(x)-2-2-2-2.0 might be okay for up to or around 200MHz/400DDR, with the right voltage on

your RAM sticks; going on the basis that they are Samsung TCC(x) type sticks.


If you're heading for territory beyond 200MHz/400DDR, and if you do have TCC(x) RAM, then

you may want to look into timings such as these: (x)-3-3-3-2.5 and with 2.7v or a bit more

to your sticks and depending how high an FSB you're attempting to get to. I think with

TCC(x) you usually won't need more than 2.9v to get a fairly decent FSB OC. Of course,

the RAM/FSB ratio = 1:1 would probably be best to stick with, and 1.6 to 1.7v for the

chipset ought to be plenty for up to 240-250MHz/480-500DDR.


Also, do you have any backup plans for a no-boot situation and/or BIOS corruption?

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I have a bios saviour installed so I should be able to recover from bios corruption if it happens. Shouldn't though as long as I clear the CMOS every time I flash.


I do know that my ram is TCCD and that the timings need to be loosened when going past 200fsb. But my biggest problem is that I can't even get my system to run at 200 fsb! :confused:


I swapped different types of ram out and each combination I tried still only let me go as high as 185fsb. So until I get to 200+fsb I don't think I need to worry about loosening my timings.


It seems that my problem is more related to the processor. Everyone keeps telling me that even the crappy xp-m 2600s will boot at 200 x 10, but thats not what i'm seeing.


any ideas on the L12 mod?

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I would give the L12 a try. I've heard mixed reviews of it when it comes to the LPB's. Some say it helps, some say it doesn't. But very few say it makes things worse.


Have you ever tried a different cpu in your board or your cpu in a different board?


I ran an xp 2200+ in my lpb for a while before purchasing the xp-m 2600. But I haven't ever tried the 2600 in a different board. When I get some more time I'll try that out. For now I'm ok with running at 185x13 (2400mhz) b/c I have to start practicing hard core for a local q4 tournament here in st. louis.


Thanks for your help guys!

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