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Amd64 3700+


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Ok here it is. Before you all comment haven't really got the money to build/get from better place so I got it on finance so could afford it.





# Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

# 1024Mb DDR RAM

# 320Gb Hard Disk Drive

# Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD-RW Drive

# 256Mb NVidia 6200 + TurboCache Graphics

# 9-In-1 Media Card Reader

# 7 USB connections

# Microsoft Works 8.0 Software

# Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

# 19" TFT Flat Panel Monitor


Thats the mobo http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...&dlc=en&lang=en


Aint sure on OC'ing but heard HP/Compaq comps are locked so I used Clock Gen. Here are a few pictures and explanations.


What I can overclock from and to.




This is temps etc UNOC'd and Idle




This is temps ect UNOC'd while playing NFS : MW




This is temp etc OC'd and Idle




This is temps ect OC'd while playing NFS : MW




Does this seem safe to do?

Is the computer capable of getting alot out of the http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=85870


Im not a total novice, just no nothing bout hardware really.


Thanks In Advance

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You're computer will be able to handle the 6800gt no problem, (why not get a 6800gs, save some more cash for same performance). A little light overclock will eliminate any bottlenecking at medium/high resolutions.


One thing concerns me is the temp reading of the onboard video, 73-75 at idle??? Thats way too high.


The fact that clock gen works would suggest to me that the motherboard is not locked. Are there any settings in the BIOS that would suggest you can change the frequencies there?

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Yeah, some boards will just have the OC options removed by the OEM that built the machine, basically to stop people OCing and potentially doing damage to their PCs, you happen to be lucky to have a board that can still be OC'd, meaning the clock crystal on the board isnt locked, and can indeed be overclocked.


Unfortunately, the only way you can OC will be by increasing the FSB speed, so lowering the CPU multi may be out of the question too.


Try downloading a64 tweaker, you may be able to adjust ram timings and dividers from it.

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