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A-Data 566MHz memory setting


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this thread have yet on XS forum but there nobody yet help me with setting my ram,

searching for help with setting my ram A-Data 566 MHz (TCCD)

read guide from "kakaroto" on XS about DFI+TCCD and too other articles about setting, too ask other users, which have same ram but with their help I can`t go with my ram memtest stable.

I was trying another bios, concrete 704-2BT withou luck :shrug:

At this time testing with bios N4D623-1

in this bios (623-1) I try change a lot items, I was trying very much changes (Max async latency from 10 to 8, idlecycle limit, bypass)

but memtest still is not satable.


Here I post my last setting, here I test 290 MHz, V ram 2,7





When I start first test of memtest so when finished Test 5 (block move, 64 moves) have error in a each time.

I am desperate from setting so I ask you for help.

Much users with this ram go 300-320 MHz 2,5-4-3-7 2,7-2,8 V.

I want go with 1:1 with 295MHz


Please if you have taste and time look on this and consult me.

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