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time for rma?

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my dfi ultra-d crapped out on me it seems. rig was running stable for the past month then the other day it just restarted. so i put all bios to opt defaults and it happened again. then it would no longer boot, i get 4 leds and all the fans run constantly. all 4 power leads are connected. i tried the 24 hr cmos reset guide by ex-roadie still didnt boot. i took my cpu, vid, mem, psu to a friends computer and they all work. tried his cpu, vid, mem on my mobo and i get the same no boot, 4 led, fan on constantly problem. so its definitely a mobo issue. i did not jack up my chipset voltage any higher then stock and the fan is working fine on it. just came here to see if anyone had any ideas before i should rma the board.



thanks for the help.


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