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Can't get APIC to enable

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I really have no idea :D.

I have'nt used xp since it 1st came out.


I liked xp for some time, but evenmtually went back to at the time, 2k adv server vlm.

Then 2k pro.


xp pro was ok though, I had the vlm ver.

Not to bad I have to say but..., I dn.


I love 2k3 though, so I stick with it as my main os.

It's like xp pro vlm but better I think.


I do know now that 2k pro is much faster then 2k adv server.

But 2k3 is actually faster then xp pro ^^, kinda goofy.

So I use that :).



I have vlm or dev ver's of all the os'es ;).

win95c 2.5(dev)

win98 osr2(dev)


winnt 4(dev)

win2k pro(err, I forgot, probably dev)

win2k adv srv(dev I think, again I forgot)

xp pro sp2(vlm)

win2k3 sp1 (vlm)


Both the 2k adv srv and 2k3 sp1 are enterprise versions as well.

I was lucky at the time...., got the original copies from a buddy that was a network admin....

I guess I could consider it being I was in his dev team or somehting, since I did all of the work on his home rig.

Ie, I was the tweaker, person that setup everything, etc.

I only needed the correct os :)....

Whatever though ^^


The 95..., I did'nt get from him.

It took me forever to find that one.

I still miss one though I was looking for at one time.


I was looking or then later beta's, before they scrapped it and want to xp, aka whistler I think.

It was an updated winme at one time, then they just scraped it and continued it's work on what was to become xp.


I can't stand xp home though.

Nor any retail ver of xp.



I had one of the later betas for longhorn...

That os blows..., I would hope it's better now.

I could'nt even get it to run.

It took like 2hrs to install, older mobo though(kt333)(was when I screwed over this one's bios).

Then when it did install, it came up with a win32 cmd window and was doing stuff in that, after I allready reached the desktop :.

So I cancled that, I was tired of waiting, wel it bsod'ed, never start again since.

So I threw the disk to the side and never tried it again.


I heard it was slower anyways, even after tweaking.



What I normally do for initial testing of an os is:


Install, 1st run bench it, without touching anything, this is inportant.


Some reg changes are bad for mem bandwith, but you just can't get around that.

It's an odditiy.

Same wopuld happen on the older 2k pro's, where you had options to choose what to install, if you differ from what you do normally, the bandwith will be diffren 1st run, and every run afterwards.


I also note what directx it has installed by default.

If you need to update it, you can bet you'll lose a ton of bandwith.

If the latest is intergrated, you'll have better bandwith at 1st run compared to the older os that you needed to update ;).


Then I check out ogl and directx speed.

Comparing which os is the best, using generic dx7 and ogl.

I use an emu called zinc to do this, and epsxe.

They're are playstation console and arcade emu's, the better graphic's "plugins" are written by a guy named pete.


Hd performance...., never really checked on that but 2k3 is best on it straight up.

Networking, win2k3 "sp1" is a must, it smokes everythign else(sp1 got some major updates for networking, otherwise I would say xp sp2 is just fine).


As for dx and ogl, xp pro or win2k3.

I think, can't totally remember, but I think 2k3's ogl was slightly better.


Directx in 2kpro blows compare to xp and 2k3.



More then 256m of ram, xp or 2k3.

256 or less, 2k pro.

I checked with sandra back in the day for the heck of it.

The newer os'es do a better job when they have more memory to play with, and they doit better then 2k pro.


It's not an auto thing either ^^(not pool stuff I mean).



Anyways sorry about the offtopic stuff ;).

Just felt like bs'ing ;).

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Look at my IRQ's they are almost the same, I have SP2 installed, I have attached a pic of my IRQ's. Let me know what you think.



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Hummm I only have 0-15 also on this mechine.I'm pretty sure the living room computer will show 0-22 also but not using all of them. Lemme check that other rig.

Ok I'm back,and there went that theory. That computer shows 0-21 irqs 19 of those in use. This one shows irqs 0-15 14 in use. (That computer has more devices too.) I think I've seen irqs 0-23 before on one of these.(The asus a7n8x-e deluxe w/6600gt vivo audigy-LS uniprocessor hal.) I kinda' think if I swapped out graphics cards and added the wdm drivers I might get another IRQ.(Or two) Oh well my mechine runs jus' fine 0-15 using 14 of em'.

Joek71 is yer' mechine runnin' ok? If it is I think they are ok.(They look ok.Can't see all of them but they look ok "Bro")

I kinda' wonder if the uniprocessor hal has something to do with that..

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