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Crash issues. Some bluescreens, some lockups

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Just put together this new machine, and I've had a number of issues with it. I've been firing up quake 4 to test it, and I've had a number of crashes that lock up the whole machine and cause the sound to stutter. This isn't limited to quake 4. I've had a similar lock up just checking email in firefox. I've tried a number of things to try to fix it.


First off, the bios upgrade found here causes it to fail to boot with a variety of behaviors. I went back to the earlier version further down the page, and it boots fine again. I'm not sure what the issue was.


I tried setting the ram timings manually with no effect. I've tried multiple versions of the display drivers with no effect. I've gotten all available updates to windows with no effect.


I had it fail once with an IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL bluescreen, but I've only had that happen once and I haven't been able to reproduce it.


I didn't install the nVidia firewall this time around, hoping that would clear up some issues. Its now letting me install steam, but it hasn't had any effect on the crashing.


Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


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Does this have the EPS (8-pin +12V) connector? :confused:


Are all power plugs plugged in?


Yes it does, and everything is plugged in.

I just checked the 12 V connector again, and I nestled it in just the tiniest bit more, so we'll see if that has any effect.


It seems to be a really nice power supply, and provided these issues aren't arising from it, I'd recommend it. The cables are all really really nice and attractively wrapped, it came with caps for every one of the power cables, zip ties, velcro ties, etc. I haven't bought a power supply in a while, but the extras are a lot nicer than I would have expected.

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Is that perhaps the PC 3200 LLK (Low Level Cas 2-3-2-5) Patriot 1 gig sticks? If so, try adding a lil voltage to the memory. If its 2.6 now, set it to 2.7 if thats the next option up.


Do the usual quick memtest or what not just to see if that doesn't help. My XBLK Patriot memory showed some life with an extra .1 volt on the AMD 64 3200.


Otherwise, your rig looks like it has a good quality setup. Aside from the PSU which I've never really seen, all those parts should rock. GOod luck.

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This is from the bios after a reboot. How would I go about checking them under load?


I'm using original fans and heatsinks for everything. I have two case fans, but the side of the case is open at the moment anyways.


I ran the built in mem test while I had the new bios version that wasn't booting and it locked up during the fifth test.

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