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Jani the Su&#353nik

A64 freeze

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As davidhammock stated, try a recommended PSU or even a higher wattage PSU with more amps on the 12v rail. With the components you have, definately a new PSU cause we still don't even know how many other components you have in the system (CD/DVD drives ect. ect.) . Remember, when you run prime, occt or memtest it is only testing that one component. When you play games, it "tests or uses" all of the components the same time drawing more power.

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Only 420W with [email protected]: http://www.3dvelocity.com/reviews/taganixeye/ixeye.htm


You might want to try a recommended PSU. :nod:

Tagan is very good PSU and its [email protected] and 28A combined.He does not have a SLI or anything else similar,so he says.


@Jani the Sušnik


Make a clean, fresh install of OS,then install drivers in that order:

chipset driver without SW Ide driver,VGA driver than all else.Shut down "System restore" and DEP(data execution prevention).NO overclock first few days and then post your results.

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I have benn using non OC computer last year for 4 months fom July to October and I have not get any problems while playing games up to 8h (Lan Party :D)...


Tomorow (I think) I will test my OC computer for 12h with OCCT and S&M.

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S&M finds an error on rams...CPU passed all tests...Could be the problem overheating?


I will format my computer and test it, then I will OC it and test it again if still error on rams remain I will have to find the right stable config. for my RAMS and the story will be ended...



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DFI Lan Party UT nf4 Ultra-D

AMD Athlon 64 3.0+ Venice

Twinmos Speed Premium PC3500 Dual Chanel DDR 2*512

PNY GF 7800GT (485/1.180)

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

Hitachi T7K250 160GB 7200 SATA-II 8MB

Tagan TG420 U01

SAMSUNG SyncMaster 959NF


Logitech MX518

Logitech Internet Navigator

Zalman ZM-RS6F Theatre 5.1


Award BIOS masage (704-2BTA)


FSB Bus Frequency 275

LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio x 3.0

LTD Bus transfer Width ˇ16^16

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio x 9.0

PCI eXpress Frequency 1000Mhz

K8 Cool'n'Quiet Support Disable

CPU VID StartUp Value 1.500

CPU VID Control 1.550

CPU VID Special Control 104%

LTD Voltage Control 1.40

Chip Set Voltage cont 1.60

DRAM Voltage Control 3.10

DRAM+.03V If it's not 3.2V Disabled

MAC Lan Auto

MAC Media Interface Pin Strap

Machine MAC(NV) Address Disabled

MAC Lan Boot ROM Disabled

Interval Phy SATA 1/2 Enabled

Interval Phy SATA 3/ Enabled

VIA 1394 Control Enabled

MARVEL Giga LAN Control Enabled


DRAM Frequency Set 166

Command Per Clock Enabled

CAS Latency Control(Tcl) 2.0

RAS# to CAS# delay(Trcd) 02

Min RAS# active time(Tras) 05

Row precharge time(Trp) 02

Row cycle time(Trc) 07

Row refresh cyc time(Trfc) 12

Row to Row delay(Trrd) 02

Write recovery time(Twr) 02

Write to Read delay(Twtr) 01

Read to Write delay(Trwt) 02

Refresh period(Tref) 3120

DRAM Bank Interleave Enabled

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength normal4

DRAM Data Drive Strength Level 3

Max Async Latency Auto

DRAM Response Time Fastest

Read Preamble Time Auto

IdleCycle Limit 032

Dynamic Counter Disable

R/W Queue Bypass 16x

Bypass Max 07x

32 Byte Granularity Disable(4 Bursts)




Hi again!


Is this "configuration" ok?!

It works for me with no problems....at last....:D

I have one (stupid) question:

DRAM+.03V If it's not 3.2V Enabled (I had Disabled before)....is this ok?!


Many tnx.

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