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USB probs @ fsb 278 and more

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Perhaps give the cpu more juice (yes, i read that you tried that but keep reading), I cannot imagine how 'stable' that is at 1.37 volts, but that is near stock for a 3700+. I don't care if you can boot into windows, I cannot believe that is stable without seeing some prime95 action. You sure you don't have anything set for VID special? In any case, that voltage is also controlling other built-in things, such as the memory controller. Dunno why it would make a difference (in terms of your USB), but you never know.


The USB ports that you speak of, are they the ones on the board itself or on ones plugged into the headers?


Do you have the latest drivers installed for both your chipset and all your peripherals?


I don't know if you update your sig often, but you really should leave your HTT at 3x, possibly 2.5x. 4x is too high and should cause you problems if you've ever checked for real stability. Again, I know that you've said you have tried changing it but still, 4x is too high.


How 'stable' is your ram at those speeds? Again, booting into windows doesn't count as stable. I'm aware that EB can overclock well--sometimes. Just a thought.


Have you tried re-installing windows? It's possible that built-in USB drivers were corrupted.


Just a few thoughts, and one more as well. Try not to be rude to other members as that obviously won't get you very far helpwise. It is difficult to diagnose a problem when it's not in front of you. You have tried a lot of things, but have you tried them all together? It is likely a combination of settings and I am extremely curious if your machine can actually run Prime for 12+ hours on that overclock.

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