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Help modding my own bios.

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I sure this question comes up every now and again but, I could not find a thread after a quick search(if I missed one I'm sorry). So anyways I've been reading this forum for about a month and loaded tictac's 619 XT bios and I'm very happy with. From what i've seen this forum is really the only one with modded bios information out there (correct me if I'm wrong please) but, I digress. The real reason I posting here is I need help modding a bios. I have recently started building a new server for my network and got a new 160gb drive for a file dump. The problem is my motherboard doesn't support 48-bit lba so the drive only shows up as 137gbs. The board is not dfi so this is alittle out of place, but I was wondering if someone could point me to a how to or documentation on how to mod a bios. I just need a starting point, something to help me out. I was going to buy an update but, @ $89.99 from esupport.com it's alittle rich for my cheap collage student blood (and I got the drive for only $40 so it'd be more than double the drives cost). So if some one could lend me a hand I would really be thankful. Also if it helps the bios is award v6.0 and is this mother board http://www.lannerinc.com/product_detail.php?products_id=57# .

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