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Need a little help with RDX200 setup.

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I'm an old intel guy recently switched to AMD. I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with the proper steps to get windows installed on the RDX200. I currently have the system running and it all seems to be ok, but I have a odd flicker on the screen when ever the CCC get's loaded either the tray icon or when I open it, so it lead me to belive I may have missed something at insall.

I did now make the mistake to assume that .NET Framework 2 would over write the 1.1 ver and didn't install 1.1 until CCC wouldn't open.


Here is how I set up the system.



Network card

CAT 5.13 with igp

Sound Drivers

Windows Updates



I have since uninstall .NET2 and also unistalled the CAT 5.13, booted to safe mode and ran DriverCleaner on all of the ATI files.


Game play is smooth, 3dmark scores is 7880 which is a little lower then I had expected. There are people posting with almost the same build as me as high as 9000, I had expected between 8k and 8200. 3dmark05 has also locked my system up 2 out of the 3 times I ran. I also have the bug/feature where Sandra Soft and Everest seem to reboot the PC.

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