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Ultimate CPU Air Cooler!


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    • Scythe Ninja
    • Thermalright XP-90
    • Thermalright XP-90c
    • Thermalright XP-120
    • Thermalright SI-120
    • Thermaltake Big Typhoon
    • Zalman CNPS9500
    • Other (please post)

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i have a thermalright si-120 with a 120mm panaflo fan sat on it. the fan is on its lowest setting and the cpu is overclocked and my temps never rise above 45c. excellent if u ask me!


also overhangs my ram and other hot parts to keep em cool and aid in oc'in

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That's what I get:


Mobo NOT in the case:

Idle: CPU 26-30C, Chipset 45C, System Area 40-42C, GPU 46C

Load: CPU 35-36C, Chipset 46C, System Area 46C, GPU 48-50C


Mobo IN the case:

Idle: CPU 30-32C, Chipset 52C, System Area 47-48C, GPU 48C

Load: CPU 38-40C, Chipset 57C, System Area 49C, GPU 53-56C

*idle: desktop, internet browsing.

*load: gaming.

*Smartguardian: fans at lower speed! (especially cpu cooler is running below 1000rpm)


Yeah, I'm sure that only zalman makes good heatsinks and coolers :rolleyes:


Where did I say that? You must have read something out of mid air - I said there's little chance of Intel making a stock cooler that cooled better than the aforementioned zalman due to the typical low budget and size constraints for stock cooling on most CPUs/graphics cards. Unless they're using heatpipes on the Intel, I'd guess they mounted the zalman with no TIM or something.


There are better coolers out there.

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3 reasons for the cooltek aura!


1. 6 heatpipes

2. quiet

3. keeps my sandy @ 2.9Ghz at 40-45 degrees with 3 fans

and a fourth lol: its CHEAP!

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Guest geronimo

I own a thermaltake big typhoon. Got my system at 305*9 at 1.64V. My cpu is about 33-35 degrees in idle with the fan on the typhoon switched off!!! Yes you saw when idle and do very little work on the cpu i can keep the fan turned off.


During load it runs around 43-46 degrees with the fan spinning at 1300rpm.


I'm very satiesfied.

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My first 3rd party cooler was a Thermalright AX-7 on an AMD XP. I've used nothing but them since. Currently using XP-90. Here's some heatsink reviews that have the XP-90C on top. I think most of the top heatsinks are probably within a few degrees C of each other (Big Typhoon, Ninja, Thermalrights). What you get comes down to some preferences - will it fit your motherboard, how much do you want to spend, how much weight do you want (I don't want to lug a machine to LAN parties with an 700g or heavier sink on), do you want quiet (120mm fan will give more airflow than 92mm at same RPM), etc.


I went with the XP-90 because cost was most important at the time, followed by weight (Big Typhoon 800g+, Ninja 665g+). I wasn't concerned too much about noise.

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lol i thought about using a xp/si-120 and a 220cfm delta, but the fan clips dont look like they can hold down that hurricane of a fan, i mean its gonna fly away, seriously!

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