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Unable to disable PS/2 mouse

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The article described in this MSKB article applies equally to Windows XP Pro.


Unfortunately, there's no option available in the BIOS to disable the PS/2 port which results in IRQ12 being tied up permanently since the system loads the driver even though there's nothing attached to the port.


I had occasion to use a PS/2 mouse in order to run Seagate's diags tools recently because the program which runs from a floppy doesn't recognize a USB mouse.


I tried to report this problem by using the online support form on the DFI site, but I surmise that it's pretty dated since the only options to choose when answering the question about the type of graphics card installed is either "PCI", "AGP" or "onboard". In any event, submitting the form resulted in a Java error after which all data was lost.


Perhaps you peeps would be kind enough to pass this info on to DFI so that they can make a BIOS upgrade available?

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Hi everybody,


same problem here. Device manager in Windows XP shows a ps/2 mouse though no mouse is attached to the ps/2-port. Uninstalling it leads to new detection during next boot cycle. Seems to be the same issue as above.


Could not find an option to disable the ps/2-port in the BIOS.

Does anybody have a suggestion?


Thanks in advance,


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