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DFI-Street & Review-Street sig/avatar/graphics contest!

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Ok...here's an easy one for those of you that are really good with photoshop or whatever program you like.


This contest is open to all



The prizes at the moment are:

1 complete Danger Den Maze 4 Power Kit (complete watercooling kit includes radiator, tubing, pump, cpu waterblock, resevoir, all the fittings, AS5 thermal compound, etc)

1 kit of 2x512MB OCZ PC3200 Gold BH-5 UTT personally tested by me to do 250 (DDR500), and is in the OC Database more than a few times as well as the Stock Speed Database


1 DFI motherboard (I'll either purchase one to give away or get one from DFI to give away)






here's the contest:


1. OC Database sig pics + avatars


We now have an Overclocking Database.


Much like the Toaster Sigs, those that enter need a graphic to show ppl that they have made it into the OC Database (as it is probably a little harder than even getting a Toaster!).


Your goal as contestant, is to create the graphic that users here can put in their sig.






A - signature graphics:


Size limits on this will be within the forum rules (both pixel size and file size....read the Rules section for details if you don't know what they are).






the goal though, is to just have a "toaster sig" type of graphic that can be inserted into signatures for those that get their rigs in the Overclocking Database.


Again, refer to the "Toaster Sig" thread I linked earlier in this post


Also, please make a 'master' graphic of extremely high detail and size such as this example from the Toaster Sigs:





NOTE: they don't have to be toasters...in fact we'd prefer them to NOT be toasters....but we'd like if you thought up something really over-the-top like the 'overclocked toaster' concept is over-the-top lol








B - avatars:


avatars are maximum 150x150 and the file size needs to be 10k or less if possible...if they are supercalifragilousexbyalidocious and slightly larger file sizes, then we can go with that too ;)


we'd like the avatars to have the same graphic as the 'sig' graphic, but it is NOT necessary...avatars and sig graphics can be completely different if you have two really great ideas (or the sig graphic just looks crappy reduced to 150x150 pixel size)









2. DFI-Street.com & Review-Street.com street signs


just as it says...look at the very top corner of this forum and see the old DFI-Street street sign


we want a new one...someone with pow'ful 3d or photoshop skills can make us a new one for both DFI-Street and Review-Street


this contest is separate from the OCDB/sig-avatar contest.



as with the sig graphics, we definitely want a 'master' street sign graphic of good size and with very high detail. Be creative ;)









now...I haven't decided exactly how to spread out the prizes, but I think it will go like this:


OCDB sig = DangerDen watercooling kit


OCDB avatars= OCZ 2x512MB BH-5 UTT memory kit


Street signs = DFI motherboard


we've put up some very good prizes because we want serious graphics built for the Street. Winners can choose also between the DangerDen kit and the OCZ memory and the DFI board if necessary (ie separate winners and the sig winner wants the memory cuz he's already got watercooling and the avatar winner wants the watercooling cuz he's already got a nice batch of memory)











now...we'll leave this contest open for a while...no set date, but not too long, and we'll see how many serious entries we get.


Then we will probably have a vote by the forum members as to the best ones.








DFI-Street staff have the final say as to which entry(s) win




ps: I've got other bits and pieces of schwag laying around that I will toss in for winners as well as those that didn't win but came up with some awesome logos/graphics/avatars, as well as probably a few members here who would be willing to throw in some bits and pieces of schwag to really get this contest moving along ;)






remember, try to keep "LanParty" color themes, but let your imagination run free and make the coolest ones you can!







Good luck everyone!

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It is on my mind for last 2 months - actually started something but stopped right there - hope I can finalize it, just for fun though.


200th post is nothing but a hope again...

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Drawn by hand, per reference my SLI-DR, its very vibrant but I lost alot of quality in keeping the size really small. Its 8kb so under the 10 kb rule, hope this one finally goes in! Ill work on some other stuff later. The Concept art is there just as an idea, if people like it, ill add etc to it, expand.

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