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Which DFI nforce 4 would u recommend

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Posted 30 December 2005 - 10:23 AM

[QUOTE=Sorrento]In theory XFX is the brand to get, then eVGA... and then the rest. I would choose XFX this time, I already know eVGA and they are good. Take into consideration buying the factory overclocked video cards, they cost more of course but if their GPU's can overclock that amount from factory then it is probable they will overclock more, this after reading a lot about video cards that aren't good overclockers.

DFI SLI-D is a good choice, but the truth is any DFI motherboard is the best choice I know of. I have used several brands, and they all were great but the truth is I haven't heard a complaint about a DFI motherboard from people near me... and I did hear complaints about Abit IC7-Max3, Asus P4P800 Deluxe and MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, yet nobody over here says one thing bad about their DFI.

I am not exagerating, if you know Spanish go check this forum: LINK

Good luck

PS: Posting the OCMexico link is quite an exageration, hehe but I am amazed how everyone there loves this brand :tooth:[/QUOTE]

1) I heard that the XFX has problems in SLI, something to do with flashing the bios.....So I was leaning more towards eVGA before.....What about BFG??

2) Ok, so are u saying that out of all the 7800GTX, the one that has the highest factory overclock will tend to overclock MORE beyond this?? In that case, shouldnt it be XFX 7800GTX 256MB with the 490Mhz core? EDIT: Because i thought that ever 7800GTX has the same OC potential, and if it is factory overclocked then the remaining oc potential for consumers like us would be less

3)Hmm if the UT SLI-D is the same as the UT SLI-DR, i might get the DR since it has raid.

PS: Posting the OCMexico link is quite an exageration, hehe but I am amazed how everyone there loves this brand :tooth:[/QUOTE]

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Posted 31 December 2005 - 12:32 AM

I am not sure about the overclocking potential of every card... from what I read in other forums each 7800GTX from any brand overclocks diferent to others; this is why I say that if one is factory overclocked, the chances of overclocking beyond its overclock defaults are higher than one with a slower GPU reaching the same frequencies the factory overclocked already has. Its just a theory, and a logical asumption... this is like a rusian rulette sometimes.

The SLI-DR is a very good choice... not sure if its the only one with RAID and/or SATA2 capabilities, but if it is then it is the one to get.

Hmm, XFX having problems running in SLI mode? Thats new for me... could be. I am using eVGA cards and they are ok... but to be honest both eVGA and XFX have lifetime warranty; XFX has double lifetime warranty actually, meaning the first owner will be covered... and later if he sells the card, the new owner will be covered as well. BFG I don't know well, they were the first to offer the OC version cards... but some 6800GT OC owners had serious problems, GPU's died on them; BFG also has lifetime warranty btw. Its your choice, all three are very serious competitors.