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What Amd64 Cpu Are You Using? (multiple Choice Poll)

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X2 4400 Toledo- spiffy. Running the system below with no overclocking. I know DFI is for overclockers, but I bought it for the quality customer service and this board. Same thing with the OCZ PS and RAM.

The upside is the beast is rock solid- even playing resource hogs like FEAR and BF2.

Currently not running the AMD X2 duel core driver-- should I be?


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i was going best bang for my buck w/ the 3200 venice i got then i got the OC bug and changed some things out and now i have this vapochill that should really be paired up w/ a nice dual core but whatever....

i kinda like throwing 1.8v at this venice 24/7....lol....tryin to see if i can burn a whole in it i guess.

i've considered upgrading cpus but i just cant decide on one....and im not sure if i want to switch to M2 so im waiting....

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