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New Build won't complete XP install

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Hi all,


After going throught the posts here, i didn't see any problem like mine.


I got to the windows xp install, i have passed the local settings and the admion password, but afetr windows rebooted to complete the instalation, it doesn't get pass it. on the second reboot it offered me to load safe mode - it didn't help either, it start to load the driver - and then - reboot.


do you have a clue for me - what to check? do i have to flash my bios to latest version? do i have to use IDE HD to install XP? or s it something else?


Thanks, for your help, i realy want to see this build working!

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ok , problem solved.


this wasn't memory problem. after building the new rig, and following most of the steps listed here, i strated to insatll xp sp2, after it got to the final reboot, it suddenly rebooted again and reported a failure on boot, suggesting to boot from safe-mode, i did and after getting to load Mup.sys the system rebooted again, and again, ...


then i googled a little and from what i have read the fault wasn't on the mup.sys, but it can be caused by many problems, because this is the point when xp is loading up.


then, after posting here, i ran 1 pass of memtest on a single stick at slot #2, well it passed. i have tried to swap my dvdrom with another one, installed xp - didn't help. reset CMOS - no good. I used all Rgone bios setting for getting started - nothing, the same reboot.


last i did 3 things:

1. got another xp sp2 build on another cd.

2. set vdram to 2.8v and disapbled CPC.

3. loaded xp boot cd, entered recovery mode, at prompt did (a) format c: (B) chkdsk /p


then i reinstalled the new xp cd...


...it worked.


i got pass through to the desktop. my guess it was a corrupted xp cd (the 1st copy).


well, hope that helps anyone in the future.


thanks for help.

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