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4x512 OCZ Memory problems

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Hey folks,


I got a second set of OCZ Plat Rev2 memory for christmas. Currently I am running 2x512 of the same things. So total now I am running 4x512 sticks. I have a DFI LanParty NF4 board. I updated to the 623-3 bios, and set most of my settings the way I had them previously (except I disabled CPC). Side note also, not trying to OC just trying to get it to work:


My settings I had were:


DRAM Freq: 200

CPC: Disable

Tcl: 2.0

Trcd: 02

Tras: 06

Trp: 02

Trc: 10

Trfc: 16

Trrd: 03

Twr: 03

Twtr: 02

Tref: Auto

Twcl: Auto

Dram Bank Interleave: Enabled


I had my DRAM Drive strength on 7


Memtest seems to give an error on Test 7. Seems to be the only error so far. Does this point to bad ram? Should I return it? Or is it a setting somewhere that maybe I'm missing?


The failing address is: 0000bed4e1c - 190.2MB



If you need more info let me know.


Thanks for any help!



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he did change to 2t, it says cpc disable. either way, if you read angry's test on the actual real life difference between 1t, 2t and take into account that many of us have extra 512 stick laying around, 4x512 is a no brainer.


i'm running 4x512 tccd (half from ocz half from gskill) and it was pretty much plug and play after changing to 2t. left everything on auto and overclocked to 250x12, ran some stability programs and games, voila.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the replies. Quick question though. I tried just running the two new sticks, not all 4 at the old settings. Still got a fail on Test #7. Wasn't the same spot that it failed, and I forgot to record the address. Could this still be a timing thing?


Any help would be great.





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