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Old Rig + 6600gt + Other Stuff

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AIM: martythemcfly


I came here from Overclocker's Club, where I am an active member ( http://forums.overclockersclub.com/martymcfly-m11878.html ) . I recently purchased a new sytem from Gir, who is a member both there and here and now that I have a DFI mobo, I decided to join. I have done a lot of business on OCC and I am sure some members can back up my reliability. I have a lot of stuff for sale, so take a look:


Intel Celeron D 2.8 ghz socket 478 - sold


Asus p4p800-e Deluxe s478 Motherboard 865pe chipset - make an offer


1 GB (2x512) of OCZ Gold pc-3200 2-2-2-5 RAM - $130 shipped


Sapphire x850xt PE AGP 8x 256MB - 360 shipped


Sunbeam Transformer Case - 50 + shipping ( http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?act=case&id=1064 - pics)


Maxtor 160gb ATA133 8mb cache HD - 60 shipped


Chaintech 6600gt PCI-E - $100 shipped


I also have an LG DVD-Rom/cd-rw combo drive, a thermaltake x-ray cigarrete lighter adn drink holder, a generic 500W psu, and a CM aerogate 3 fan controller. - make me an offer.


CM jet4 HS - 15 + s&h

LG GSA-4081B DVD burner - 30 + shipping

logitech mx-510 mouse - offer once again

IR Logitech Quickcam 3000 Pro Webcam (night vision on request) - make an offer

Palm m105 Greyscale PDA


Games: make offers

Backyard Soccer

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour

Sim Safari

StarCraft Brood War Expansion (also have Prima official Strategy Guide)

Diablo II



Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban - NTSC, shrinkwrapped - 15 + shipping

David Bowie - A Reality Tour - NTSC, shrinkwrapped - 15 + shipping

Roots - entire series - 30 shipped



QBasic by Example - 20 shipped

The Book of Overclocking - 20 shipped

Sam's Teach Yourslef C++ in 24 hours (comes with c++bulderx) - make an offer

Sam's Teach yourslef C++ in 21 Days - make an offer


Video Games:

Gameboy Color - 20 + shipping

Gameboy Advance - 40 + shipping

Gameboy Pocket (may have 2) - 15 + shipping each

Gameboy accesories - make offers

games for each system (ask) - make offers


Info on IR webcam:

It has holes in it to acommodate a switch, an IR led, and one for wres for a battery(or another LED). Make an offer. if it is high enough, I will add the switch and LED to make it a night vision camera.



Thanks for looking. I take paypal and money order.



Happy Holidays!

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Oh, sorry. I was selling it here, but then my sister put it on ebay. I didn't say that as an advertisement, I was just saying that to J054 because he was interested in the iPod. I will remove the link and the item from the original post.

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