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Compare your SUPER_PI scores here!


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I'm using version 1.1;


[16K] 00 seconds

[32K] 00 seconds

[64K] 01 seconds

[128K] 02 seconds

[512K] 15 seconds

[1M] 35 seconds

[32M] 31 minutes 20 seconds


I'll update this post with the complete set of scores later on tonight.


I'm not sure if these are good scores or not, mabey someone can enlighten me.


OK it's your turn...post some scores and lets get down to some comparin'! Yay! :rolleyes:

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I need the app, I just got my super cele up, I need to tweak it first to get it at 3.7 Ghz stable then comes the benchies there is a topic here I need to start posting in and there is this one check both for updates http://portalforums.po.funpic.org/forum/in...p?showtopic=232


I hope I can get it at 4Ghz and if you have any Tips for sck 478 Please tell :D

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