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RAM - Why won't it go faster?


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Hi all


first post here and am trying to find my overclocking legs using the great guide on this site. I am pleased to have my opty up to the speed of a stock fx57:) but need some help with the RAM.


have my opteron 146 upto 2.95Ghz and appears stable Prime95 for 8 hours


Am trying to tweak the RAM Geil-value 2x512 PC3200


Get the clock speed up to 220MHz in Memtest (it's not great RAM!) anything above this doesn't boot even adjusting the timings/voltage.


With FSB 200 and 1:1 ratio it works ok to DDR400. With FSB 295 I try to put a divide of 133 on the Ram but it doesn't boot. I think that I should have memory speed of 295(133/200)=196MHz. It will only boot on divide of 2:1 giving a measly 295MHz DDR RAM.


Have tried increading the Vdimm and also slackening the timings (currently 2-3-3-5 through auto). Have tried bringing FSB down to 280 and still no joy. nothing seems to get the ram to boot any higher.



Any suggestions, and be gentle, I'm new here :confused:



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Hey narrow.



Well, being a newb here myself, I don' have any experience with the DFI boards.


However, I could suggest a few things.


Firstly, try the RAM in different RAM slots if you haven't already. As I have read it, there is no "correct" RAM slots to use, even though there can be recommended ones.

Simply try the RAM in both the Yellow and Orange slots, and see if there is a difference between them.



Also, try disabling Command-Per-Clock. This will bring that latency up to 2t (instead of 1t). It is basically just another timing, but can have big effect on stability. So try that on disabled and see if you can get any higher clocks. Also, try the RAM separately to see if one of the RAM modules seem to be performing worse than the other.


Just what I can think of. Again, I am not experienced, but this is what I would try. If nothing work, I would try another BIOS (I am guessing you are using the newest official 623 BIOS)?

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