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New nvidia WHQL driver release (fix in vsync prob in particular)

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NVIDIA just issued three new NVIDIA Forceware drivers with build 81.89. The drivers have been WHQL certified (Microsoft tested and validated). These Forceware drivers can be used on any GeForce graphics card starting at GeForce 3.


You can find the links to the downloads at guru3d.com




NVIDIA has a little Christmas present for you today as they released ForceWare 82.12 today. It's released under nzone, which means this is an official beta driver. Both the x32 and x64 versions have been released.


You can download this too from guru3d

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There's a vsynv prob in certain apps in singl;e gpu mode, where it just does'nt work at all, using forced mode(just does'nt work).

There's issues with certain apps, I guess, with sli gpus, I dn much about this, but apperently only half the screen is displayed, etc etc.


Also there's issues in ogl apps in single gpu mode, ie forced again. just does'nt work.


There's nothing in the what's new like pdf's on nv's ftp about these except for a few things about teh sli probs with vsync.


So essentually, it's not fixed.

I just dl'ed the 82 whatever driver and I yet to install it though, I may try vsync in a few apps afterwards, as is though I'm going to bed in a few mins here "burp" :).

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