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Im depressed...


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I have all my parts bought. Finally


I have everything but case and monitor which I will order soon, until then, im just going to use whatevers laying around. But what I'm upset about is my flipping prossesor hasn't shipped! I ordered my Opteron 144 from Tigerdirect about 3 weeks ago when they SAID they had it in stock. Liars, I canceled my order today and placed one with buy.com for even cheaper and free shipping. Guess what, its on backorder again... dang... So I have to wait AFTER christmas before I get it. I was soo hoping to get it this week. And to make things worse, there was a packaging error on the my XFX 7800gt. Now I have to wait until XFX gets them back in stock and will ship next week. This sucks... :sad:


Tigerdirect sucks. I knew that from the start before I placed the order with them hoping they won't let me down.. they did. NEVER BUY FROM THEM.

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