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Another Rookie

NF4 Ultra D 4 sticks clocked down to 333?

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Runs at 400 with 2 sticks. cpc disabled. I guess my only real cure is to hope DFi will fix a Bios for this. Tomorrow I'm calling the place where I got the ram and hope they will switch it for 2 1 gigs. Not many other choices I see. My MSI I can run 4 sticks fine with no downclocking.

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On my experience, using diffirent bios revision than official factory bios would help.

I used the bios mentioned down there in my sig and 3 G Ram in 4 slots run fine.


I tested the newest official Dfi bios just too see what fixes may have been implemented since last time.


With the official fresh bios, my memorys are down graded to run at 333.


There are some engineered bios files that are tweaked for better memory performance, stability and combatility. Check them out, they are safe as original as long you shoose the right revision to match your motherboard.

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