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CPU Fan going bad?

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Now I have heard the cable on the CPU Fans can go bad, and mine might be doing that.


Ever since I built this rig the CPU fan has always ran at about 900rpm. I watched the fan yesterday morning kick on for like 10 seconds and slowly go back to about 900rpm and down to nothing. Now this WAS A COLD START. Maybe it shouldn't jus come on and stay on if its cold. I have 2x120mm and 1x80mm. All of those are plugged directly into the PSU, and I was fearful from another post that the connector was bad. CANT HAPPEN AT CHRISTMAS. So I plugged the cpu fan into FAN2 and it kicked on, it did do the same thing, but its like it will come back on and run at full speed? Do you think this is a bad fan? Bios setting still? My wires are a MESS, can someone tell me if I have the connector on my PSU? Id rather not look through my case!



I have flashed the bios to the most recent version. Cool N Quiet is turned off. Yesterday I set all the temps to 25C so that the fan should stay on all the time. I also enabled a shutdown temp of 70C.

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