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Opteron 148 can't do 2.8 on Ultra D?


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I have a Opteron 148 and DFI NF4 UltraD motherboard. I brought the cpu w/ a frd and he can get to 2.8 (280x10) on Asus A8N-SLI at stock voltage while i can't do 2.8 at all no matter what voltage (prime would fail < 5mins).


Opteron 148 CABYE 0542FPMW

DFI NF4 Ultra D 0623 BIOS

Kingston Value 512MB DDR400

Forton AX500 PSU



I tried the following setting:

htt: 3x

volt: up to 1.55v.. still fail prime

chipset/htt/mem volt: tried increasing it but doesn't help

FSB: 280

Multiplier: 10x

Memory: set at 100, set to as loose timing as possible (2.5 3 3 8)



Any suggestions?

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Try a different divider. Don't know what memory your running but some setups don't like certain dividers. I stray from the guide in this area by getting my memory set up stable at 200 FSB and then lower the divider as needed to keep it reasonable close.

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