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Custom Sig Requests + Sig discussion

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Guest caffeinejunkie
Thanx man thats perfect, now how do i make it my sig, do i need to host it @ imageshack and link to it somehow or summit



just right click----> properties------> copy the location then use it to post the image


if your using firefox it's just


right click--->copy link location

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Updated my sig, new HDD's, back the OC down 5 htt, blick wanna take a stab at a sig? anything u wanna do


This one is ok?



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Updated my sig, new HDD's, back the OC down 5 htt, blick wanna take a stab at a sig? anything u wanna do


This one is ok?





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I need a custom sig made-up, could you please make me one. Tell me how am I going to send the picture that I want and what is the file size and format.


Thank you very much.


If any member needs a custom sig made-up, let me know and I will get it done. :D


EDIT 01-09-2005: In order to comply with the requests from the various artists, I am creating a list of those artists, and their contributions right here in the first post. This will ensure they get the recognition and visibility they deserve.


For those whom I have already created a signature for, they will be updated to reflect the artists name.


EDIT 01-09-2005: Some pieces of artwork have names that may be offensive to a few people. And as such I won't be publishing the titles in this list.


Let's start this off:


[Artist] - [Found at Website] - [Their Website]


grg - Renderosity.com


miliff - Renderosity.com


SAZ - Renderosity.com - www.sazzart.com


NOTE: I'll be converting this to a PhP table once I find-out what coding is allowed.


EDIT 02/20/2006: New Rule - If you want me to create a sig for you, please post in this thread, listing any preferences, instead of e-mailing me.


I am going through this thread daily and follow the wishes of the poster as to the content they want to see in their sigs or to at least get an idea of what they would like to see.


EDIT 04/19/06: Seeing as there has been much confusion with regards to "who is next in line to get a sig", I'm going to post the full list right here and update it whenever someone makes a request.



- Page 4, Post 23

- Waiting on replacement sig



- Page 5, Post 62

- Made a sig, he removed it, waiting on replacement



- Page 5, Post 71



- Page 5, Post 74

- He removed sig I made, waiting on another



- Page 7, Post 96



- Page 7, Post 98

- He requested this image:





- Page 8, Post 118

- Has a sig but wasn't made by me. May want to check with him to see if he still wants one



- Page 8, Post 119

- Produced a image, made one, he removed from sig



- Page 10, Post 137



- Page 10, Post 138



- Page 11, Post 163



- Page 14, Post 201



- Page 14, Post 206



- Page 18, Post 267



- Page 19, Post 271

- Wants Final Fantasy VII Theme



- Page 20, Post 287

- Ask if he still wants a Diablo I / II / Lord of Destruction theme

- Currently has a HL2 themed sig.



- Page 20, Post 294

- Waiting on pics of his computer setup



- Page 25 Post 365

- "Something dark, dreary, and gruesome"



- Page 26, Post 379

- Wants Star Wars theme



- Page 26, Post 386



- Page 27, Post 399

- "I am a big hockey fan like the majority of the people here. I would love to see a sig with either the 1980 US hockeyteam (like the goalie from the US with the flag on him) or the Hanson brothers from Slapshot (all time classic)."



- Page 28, Post 407

- WoW based



- Page 30, Post 441

- Prince of Persia theme


dave graham

- Page 30, Post 445

- flickerdown systems logo based



- Page 37, Post 555

- Wants something with a Halo 2 Theme



- Page 38, Post 566

- James Bond: Die Another Day theme



- Page 40, Post 600



- Page 45, Post 664

- "only thing "special i ask is if you could stick a motorcycle doing a wheelie or something of that nature on the left or right side"



- Page 49, Post 726

- Currently has a sig, but may want another.



- Page 59, Post 885

- Nightwish theme:





- Page 62, Post 923

- Batman theme



- Page 64, Post 947

- No theme decided upon, yet



- Page 66, Post 990



- Page 67, Post 1004

- Wants name and picture of Dynomutt in sig.

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Welcome to DFI-Street. Please, if you don't mind, edit your post and cut the quote text (is too big).

If you have a favorite pic, upload it at http://www.imageshack.us/ and then post direct link to file.




This one is ok?




Burky has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.

So, please free up some space :)

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