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Need quality rounded SCSI cable


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I have the following scsi stuff:


Seagate 15k.3 (36g 80 pin w/ 68pin adapter)

Seagate ST173404LCV 10,000RPM 74GB (36g 80 pin w/ 68pin adapter)

LSI Logic U160

Rounded U160 Cable purchased from hypermicro.com w/ 5 connectors


This setup used to work fine with the 15k.3 in 16bit (u160 mode) and the 10k for some reason forced into narrow (8bit mode) at LSI Bios.


Now, I can only get the 15k.3 working in 8-bit mode with ONE cable configuration out of the many that should work.


After RMA'ing the LSI board and the 15k.3, I recieve the same problem. Both adaptors will get the 15k.3 working in 8bit mode, so the lsi guys and the hypermicro guys said it is probably the cable at this point.


So I need a quality (preferably rounded yellow) SCSI cable for at least the 15k.3


Thanks in advance.

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