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A64 Mobile 3400 'Newark' + DFI LP nF3 combo

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Well, the last deal fell through. The person I was trading my CPU to bent the pins off of his CPU when he removed the heatsink... so my Newark is back up for sale. :D


-AMD Athlon 64 Mobile 3400 'Newark'. I bought this thing new a few months ago. The highest overclock it saw was 11x240 at stock voltage (1.35v). I never went over due to my old motherboard issues (SATA3/4 didn't work, so I had to use SATA1/2 and live with the 240fsb cap). It was cooled by water, so it never saw more than 34degC I would say. Perfect shape, awesome processor. I'm getting rid of it cause my Shuttle doesn't support Newarks, and I really like the little case. ;)


I'd like $200 shipped via 2nd Day Air insured with tracking for the CPU


I will also trade the CPU for another 754 processor. Ideally, I'd like a 3700, but I'll entertain offers. :P Please PM with any questions. I'll throw a screen cap from CPU-Z to show that it's a true Newark when I get home from work. Thanks!




***EDIT: Motherboard sold. :cool:

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