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2x1GB Mushkin XP4000 Redline

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Guest nomad

I bought two kits (one for a friend) and tested them both on my system. I need a kit that could do 259 as my 4400+ has a 11multi and it tops out at 2850mhz. Both kits were very similar. They both tested to 265 3d stable @3-3-2-8 with 2.8v. I could get one kit to number crunch @275 and the other @272 but neither would run 3D Mark 03.


I havent really went for a max with max voltage but they both did what I need at low volts so I was happy. Was gonna try them both for a 4GB run but most say you cant notice a difference so I didn't bother. I looked and looked for a 2GB kit of the OCZ 4000 plats but to no avail. But I am pretty happy with the Mushkins. I would have to agree that these should definately be on the reccomended list.


Fast stuff :)

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