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Overclocking A Tbird

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hey all, i'm new to the forums here...duh. and i'm sure that at least one you could answer one of my questions.


-I have a tbird 1100 that i've overclocked to about 1212 MHz...not much as you can tell. i've done it through the bios, and everything's dandy. but...that's as high as i can go. i have the FSB set to 114 MHz...any higher and the system hangs...so i have to reset bios.


help plz?





i almost forgot...i have a Jetway v333u pro mobo...pll is the ICS 94228 if that helps any

i'm new to overclocking...don't really know where to start. :unsure:

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Have you tried to pencil in the L1 bridges yet? Maybe the FSB won't go anymore, but maybe just adjusting the multiplier would help. That way its not putting as much strain on the rest of the system, although adjusting the FSB is the best way to OC, maybe your sys just isn't liking the whole OC.

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