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Angry's vacation time = Eve Online (mmog)

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well looks like Null took a chance and really likes the game (he applied to the DFI-Street corp today)


and of course Wetchaser's son applied cuz he's addicted just like dad is lol


as I mentioned earlier...anyone that wants to try it free for 14 days just send me a pm with your email address and I will hook you up.


It's nerdy and we love it and so might you if you like really deep games with RPG/strategy base of play

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well Null seems to like the game (though he got blowed up last night lol)


we've just been happily training the long skills while we play Titan Quest and Oblivion (STILL freaking playing Oblivion...what a huge game!)

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actually me wet and his son were all on ts when i got blowed up....


his son had to warp out, then me and wet got seperated and i went boom

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i buy it on ebay. mining got boring.missions dont pay well.

you've been smoking too much illegal substance methinks


I am making about 2mil a day in missions...and thats about maybe 1-2 hours per day (nothing beats lvl3 kill missions for money making efficiency)


as for buying game money on ebay...thats just wrong and I can't agree to it at all


why even play the game if you are just going to buy your way through it???

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i didnt know lvl 3 missions popped out that much. higghest ive seen was like 50k missions. you know me and morals. somegames ill play with religious intent....no books or cheat codes. others ill find an exploit and use it.

latly fable for example: graveyard.....kill everything warp out and back in. you only loose x10-12 on your multiplier. and you get 20-25 for every visit. in no time im doin combos with a 50+ multiplier for mad XP. in a matter of a couple hours i can max out a character....theres a cheat/exploit.

i used to think buying off ebay was retarded. i would laugh at my friend who would spend 200-300 bucks a week on armor for his MMO. but now i see it as a time saver.howver since you can crank out that kind of dough in a couple hours ill start hanging around you more often.


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ya come do some lvl3 kill missions in our Lustrevik office HQ


make sure you got a battlecruiser or battleship though...you aint gonna be doing nothing in a cruiser/frigate in lvl3 missions except running back to the station in your pod (and you might even in your bc/bs...just ask momma and Wetchaser who love to get their big ships blowed up haha)


there's a trick to doing high level missions....in the game, look at my bio...it lists all the damages that the enemies do, and what kinds of weaknesses they have...all you do is either shield tank (Min/Amarr/Cal) or armor tank (Gal) for the damage types the NPC's do and you are going to do very well.


You will still take damage...I mean, no matter how much resistance you have, when you warp in and there's 40 enemy frigates, cruisers, and interceptors...you are gonna get a good beating...but with the right skills and the right tactics, its pretty much a cakewalk (a hair-raising cake walk sometimes...lol).


Energy Systems Operation lvl4

Energy Mgmt lvl4

Shield Operation lvl4

Shield Mgmt lvl4

Engineering lvl5

Electronics lvl5

Tactical Shield Manipulation lvl4


Signature Analysis lvl4

Long Range Targeting lvl4


Gunnery lvl5

Small Projectile lvl4

Medium Projectile lvl4

Motion Prediction lvl4

Sharpshooter lvl4

Rapid Firing lvl4

Controlled Bursts lvl4

Surgical Strike lvl4

Trajectory Analysis lvl4

Weapons Upgrades lvl4


Hull Upgrades lvl3

Repair Systems lvl3

Mechanic lvl4


Missile Launcher Operation lvl5

Standard Missiles lvl5

Missile Bombardment lvl4

Warhead Upgrades lvl4

Missile Projection lvl4

Guided Missile Precision lvl4

Rapid Launch lvl4

Target Navigation Prediction lvl4

Heavy Missiles lvl3 (don't use these much anymore...I use standard/light missiles)

Defender Missiles lvl3 (useless...)


Acceleration Control lvl4

Navigation lvl5

Afterburners lvl4

Evasive Maneuvering lvl4

Fuel Conservation lvl4

Warp Drive Operation lvl4


Minmitar Frigate lvl5

Minmitar Cruiser lvl4

Battlecruisers lvl4

Destroyers lvl4

Spaceship Command lvl5




those are the skills I have that are important for doing kill missions for lvl3 agents...


I tank shields to make my resistances about 70% to 85% on major damage types that NPC's dole out and between the loot and the bounties and the mission money/bonuses...I can easily get 1mil per mission.


On freaking AWESOME missions like "Angel Extravaganza", you'd have to be...a total wank job to not make 4mil to 5mil on that mission alone (it's a 5-stage mission with an incredible amount of cruisers that are worth 35k to 175k each, not to mention a bazillion little frigs and interceptors that are worth up to 15k each, but mostly about 5k to 10k)


come out to the home office in Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor Tribe and join the corp, and see what it is all about ;)

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