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S/pdif nightmare .. stilll

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Ive tried the four combos nforce4/realtek with jp52 at 12/23



Want to capture som clips


Want to use it as The audio In from a gamecube


line in is ok but then , while doin my experiment remembered we have it on the board and never tried to make it work


On the left of, right next to jp52 We have 4 jumpers, anything we do wit those ??


Read a bit on it, no real solutions, realtek mixer says s/pdif in "Lock" is on; Plus ;


the s/pdif control are gray in CP, cant move them cant do nothing.


How the hell we suppose to get this working hum ???

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So.. guys, can i get ny help ?

From the silence i get that nobody got this working then hum ???

This is on the board for show ?

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As a non-audiophile this so far is the extent of my Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format experience.



Seems like there will be some knowledge of format interface to hang my learning curve on.


Expanding the curve to see them say from standard to standard is picky? I think I have heard words like that before.



Moved the curve wider to encompass a game cubes outputs. Revs 1-3 of the game cube.

http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/gc.php about halfway down the page.


Digital A/V Out


Digital video (format unknown)

Digital audio (in Digital Audio Interface (DAI) format, not S/PDIF) <

YPbPr / YCbCr component video (via component video cable only)

Analog RGB (via modified component video cable only)




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Thx Rgone for the links.


Still the gamecube was just am example,

doesnt matter wich audio in source i use, Gamecube, mp3s, dvdplayer etc..


Cant get any audio in.


What i would like to know is how to make it work on the board


changing jumper settings didnt help

Same for tryinng both audio drivers, i dunt know about the set of 4 jumper next to jp52...


So Anyone who ogt thi working ... What did you Do ???


As all the Spdif related controls are gray in the mixer...

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