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Computer won't restart

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Hello, I just put my brand new computer together tonight. I really like the DFI NF4 board, however there are two issues that are really bugging the crap out of me. The first one is an issue that a lot of people have on this board, and that problem is with RAM. I have 1.5 GB of Ram, but my MOBO will only work if I have 1 GB installed. I tried different combinations with the RAM, only to come to my own conclusion that the MOBO doesn't support 1.5 GB of RAM, even though I highly doubt that to be true. I'm sure if I read more on this issue I could find the answer.


But the real problem I have is when I restart the computer through Windows, two out of three times the computer will just hang when it's trying to find the graphics card, or sometimes one light will be lit on the System Condition LEDS. I have played games already with the card and games run great on it with this board! So I don't think the card is broken. The BFG 7800 GTX 512 cards are fairly new cards, so I was wondering if maybe the Bios' aren't totally compatible with these cards yet.

I think I have the latest version of the BIOS (it's in my sig). If not could someone give me a link for the beta version of the newest BIOS

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OK I think I solved my RAM problem, Coursair and this MOBO are not the greatest of friends :)

Does anyone else have the problem where their computer boots up just fine and they can do whatever they want, Internet, burning, gaming, ect, without any flaws. But when you go to "Start" "Turn Off Computer" "Restart". Does your computer restart and the diagnostic LEDs hang at one or two. Then to get the system back up and running you just hit the reset button on the case and everything is ok again.

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Mine does the self same thing!


However I am having to iliminate things one at a time, got the New PSU today so hoping that's what my problem is?

Not got to the Ram side of things as yet, put trying hard to make sense of the very large thread on Crucial Ballistix (are they duff or not?)


Crucial sent the following information on Ram settings, wished I knew what the heck the "?" referred to !!


To run the memory at its rated spec (DDR500), please set the memory up as follows;


Timings: 3-4-4-8

CPU/FSB fequency ratio: ? x 250MHz = Rated CPU Frequency. ? = Multiplier memory voltage: 2.8v

FSB: 250MHz

LDT/FSB ratio: x 4.0

DRAM Ratio: 1:1

Command Per Clock (CPC) - 2T or Disabled

TCL: 3


TRP: 4

TRC: 8


TWR: 2



TREF: Auto

DRAM Response time: Normal


Why can't this stuff all work out of the box? But then again if it did the wife would expect me to hold a conversation :(


Regards Paul.

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