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Help me get high ;)

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Hey, you guys are great! I'm currently running at 325HTT (2.6Gig) very stable.


I have basicly added your settings Firelion and those I found in the database belonging to Soulfly who has the highest HTT so kudos to you both.



I can't run at anything faster without the "detecting Array" and subsequent reset.


I am happy with this, and gratefull too but if anyone can see anything glaringly obvious that might help the max HTT please let me know as I'm sure this chip has much more. I'm currently running it with just 1.55v and 43oC full load

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@Nuttbusta - You can delete the two extra posts. Click o edit and you will observe

a delete capability. The Mods will appreciate it.


Try reducing trc but just 1 each time. Not to rush. Raising this a notch is a good stability aid

if needed.

Try setting your tref to 2048.

remember one change at a timeand keep track of what you've done.

Oh yes, set Max Async latency and Read Preamble to Auto.

I always keep my LDT Multi set to auto And set my Cpu multi hard.

TRy setting your Idle Cycle Limit lower. mine runs at 00. Raise it if stabilty issue.

or you could Enable Dynamic Idle Cycle Counter.


Tweak some more. You might get another notch or two.


Good luck.

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Hey EdLSmith, I'll give that lot a go tomorrow, thanks. And I got rid of the double posts, ta


help getting high - here smoke this :P


Thanks man, but I packed up a year ago :nod:

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