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PSU advice needed

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Hey all


Currently in the process of buying parts for my upgrade.


Hardware so far:

DFI Lanparty Expert

Opteron 170

2 X 1 Gb Mushkin Redline X4000

Innovision 7800GT (might get e second one and go SLI later)

6+ SATA hdds


But I have yet to decide on which PSU to go for with this setup - so advice would be appreciated :)


I plan on overclocking both CPU and GFX.


So far my candidates are:

1) SeaSonic S12-600

Pros: stable rails, 24pin AND 8pin power connectors +SLI ready and certified, very silent

cons: none really..a little expenssive..


2) Hiper Type-R Modular Blue Line 580W PS

Pros: great looks and modular, cables sleevings, UV plugs, stable rails, SLI ready

Cons: does not have a "native" 8pin power connector, price=ok


3) CoolerMaster Real Power RS-550-ACLY

pros: 24pin+8pin power connector, good looks, price=ok stable rails...?

cons: hmm a bit noicy?


What do you think?

I really, really like the looks and features of the Hiper R, but think the Seasonic is a better performer + it has all the needed power connectors.


Help me? ;)

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The Hiper doesn't have the 8 pin 12v power connector that the Expert requires.

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